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The backyard has become an extension of the home - a valuable living space which, with a little care, can become a family's favorite place to be. Homeowners are now enjoying more time outside and creating elegant atmospheres for outdoor entertaining. We have a variety of products and services designed with that in mind.

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Learn From the Industry Leader

Miscelaneous Lighthouse Landscape Lighting Business OpportunityLighthouse Landscape Lighting, started in 1995 in the Washington DC area, specializes in creative outdoor low voltage Landscape Lighting design, installation and service for home or business. We have our own private label line of "Lighthouse" products that are 100% brass and carry an industry leading lifetime warranty.

Our primary customers are upper end homes in premier neighborhoods; however, we also have had great success with Country Clubs, Community entrances, etc.

Miscelaneous Lighthouse Landscape Lighting FranchisesThis is not a business model that requires cold calling. Our leads result from extensive direct mail campaigns, relationships with contractors, trade shows and other marketing activities. Once we have a qualified lead that fits our profile, the closure rate in this business is very high.

Strong Commitment to Individual Franchise Success

We offer a comprehensive training program that teaches all Lighthouse Landscape Lighting Franchisees every aspect of the business, including, but not limited to, marketing, sales, installation, and office management. Our staff will also work with you to develop your Business plan, a complete Marketing plan for the year, and a step-by-step guide to open and develop your business. Through our combined buying power and years of contact with our vendors, we can offer the best products to your customers at the lowest prices available. Add to that our Lifetime Warranty, the only one of its kind in this industry, and we have created a formula for success!

We Provide

  • Miscelaneous Lighthouse Landscape Lighting Franchise Opportunity Franchise Support
  • Product Training
  • Sales Training
  • Annual Franchisee Conference
  • Marketing and Operations Kit
  • Lead Generation Programs
  • Corporate and Local web sites

Lighthouse Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lighting for the home used to be simple, a few light fixtures placed along the front of the home and a few lights around the trees, and you were done. Today, homeowners have seen the difference professionally installed, low voltage outdoor lighting can provide. Professional landscape lighting uses an array of lighting techniques that not only enhance the beauty of the outdoors at night but foster outdoor safety and security. Outdoor lighting gently adorns the house, yard and garden areas with soft accent lighting to create warmth, atmosphere, ambiance and safety that family and friends will enjoy all evening long.

Lighthouse Holiday Lighting

Lighthouse has recently expanded it's lighting systems to include holiday lighting. We provide spectacular holiday lighting and greenery decor for both residential and commercial customers. Lighthouse will design, install, maintain, take down and store holiday lighting systems so all your customers have to do is sit back and enjoy the compliments. They will come back to you year after year with new ideas for their home and with referrals of their friends who want in on the fun.

Lighthouse Smart Dog In-Ground Fencing Systems

Miscelaneous Lighthouse Landscape Lighting FranchisingOur Smart Dog contoured, integrated collar is 30% thinner than other collar designs and has solved one of the pet fencing's most difficult challenges, how to tell if the collar is making contact with the proper fit.

When a dog wearing a Smart Dog collar approaches the boundary area, he hears a warning tone.

If he continues toward the boundary, he receives a harmless but effective electrical stimulus that reminds him to stay in the "safe" part of the yard.

Our system can also be used to block off areas such as gardens, swimming pools, or any other areas that need to be kept pet-free.

The Future Starts Today

Opening a Lighthouse Landscape Lighting Franchise of your own represents a truly unique opportunity, not only because of the potential for growth in this ever-expanding market, but also because of Lighthouse Landscape Lighting's unique approach to its Landscape Lighting business and its wide-range appeal. We look forward to speaking with you in detail about how our opportunity can become your future.

Lighthouse Landscape Lighting

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